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Updated version of the Original Welcome Page and WELCOME TO MEMBERSTo become a MEMBER of Aplastic Central, Click on the Register Link and then check the Sub Menus on this page. Once you become a member, you will see other members listed (Choose the Alphabetical Listing from the drop down menu on the Patient Members Page).  Click on the Profile Link to see the profile for that patient. 

Please be aware that we are still being discovered (or rediscovered) so the members list is very limited.  “Back in the day” we had a much larger number of members who shared information with others. See the original patient stories here and know that the membership will grow over time. 

Let’s cut to the chase!  If you want to see why I am advocating an alternative protocol, check the actual results of the current NIH strategy at the BMD Transplants Page. 

Welcome to Aplastic Anemia Central where patients help each other.  If this is your first visit you may want to visit the Aplastic Anemia Basics page.  You will learn of the successes and failures of many Aplastic Anemia and MDS patients-some using conventional treatment protocols and others using alternative approaches.  Judge for yourself what is working and take the time to learn everything you can about yourself, the illnesses and the approaches used to treat them.

Aplastic Anemia MDS Patients Helping Each Other

We are not medical experts, but hopefully our collective knowledge will assist you in your search for information about Aplastic Anemia treatment programs,  medications and their side effects.  We have all done lots of reading about the illness, conventional and alternative treatments and are happy to share what we have learned. 

Before contracting the illness, I personally had never taken any kind of medication so it has been an eye opener for me top see the side effects and interactions for which we as patients must assume responsibility.  If you are interested in my personal approach, visit My Story

Above all, hold on to your hope and maintain a sense of humor while battling the illness.

SAA 1/2001 2X ATG Failed, Steroids, Cyclosporine, etc. – – Cold Turkey stopped all meds 7/2001
Holistic approach to helping my body heal itself.  Macrobiotic whole food diet, allergy shots, daily sauna, colon cleansing, spring water, sunshine & exercise. Transfusion free since Josh’s DOB, 4/25/02. In November of 05 I started going backwards again and am fighting to get back to normal. As of 3/11/2007 I am back on bi-monthly PRBC transfusions but am otherwise able to function quite well. 

January 10, 2019 update

I am in complete remission.  Counts are higher and stable (WBC 3-4, Hemoglobin 12-14 and Platelets above 70,000)

Caution – The author is not a medical professional. This website is written by a long term survivor of Aplastic Anemia who advocates an alternative protocol that he believes saved his life.  Bruce and other patients are only providing anecdotal evidence of methods that has worked for them.  Please consult with a medical professional before using the information provided on this website.  You will need a medical professional on your side at all times and especially for the life savings transfusions that will keep you alive while you are exploring alternative protocols.