Aplastic Anemia and Autoimmune Diseases Updates

This new section of the Aplastic Anemia Central Website tracks and reports on new developments in the world of Bone Marrow Disorders.  I have been on a self imposed sabbatical for several years. The sub links below this page are all new and updated information. 

Aplastic Anemia Survivor Bruce Lande Background

With the help of my first wife Sue, Dr. Sherry Rogers and Dr. William Rea, I developed an alternative approach to dealing with autoimmune diseases and am happy to report that I beat the illness and now enjoy a very active and healthy lifestyle.

This is me and my wife Gay spreading joy through music.

Aplastic Anemia Traveling on Band
Aplastic Anemia survivor Bruce Lande and wife Gay spreading joy with music

My wife Gay and several patients have encouraged me to renew my efforts at helping others deal with the disease. I have decided to again become active in finding and providing patients with an “alternative source of information on Aplastic Anemia and Autoimmune Diseases.”  

When first diagnosed, patients with Bone Marrow Diseases like Aplastic Anemia and Meyelodysplasia Syndrome are rightfully very frightened. Doctors adhering to the conventional approach of dealing with the illness blindly repeat what the National Institute of Health has been saying for over 25 years. Patients and their families face difficult decisions and are forced to choose an approach that is designed to make their bodies even more defenseless!

Aplastic Anemia Bone Marrow Disorders Conventional Approach

The conventional approach to dealing with the illness is to aggressively wipe out the immune system in hopes that it will eventually reset itself and allow the bone marrow to function properly again. Unfortunately this aggressive approach ends up killing far too many people in the same manner that chemo therapy kills cancer patients. To be fair, it does sometimes work but patients often face debilitating strokes, deal with life threatening infections and

I am an advocate for change and since beating the illness on my own, have decided to renew my efforts at providing patients and their advocates with a much safer choice. Patients still need the help and council of medical professionals because regular blood and platelet transfusions are a necessary component of any strategy. 

“Change your lifestyle, adapt a holistic approach to your health and, over time, you can help your body rebuild it’s immune system.  My approach and the approach used by many others who opted out of the conventional approach takes longer, but in the end, it is a much safer way to restore your immune system and regain your health. As an almost 20 year survivor, I speak from experience and provide you with the information you need to develop your own holistic approach to saving your life.  You can review and purchase my book here.