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Healing the Spirit

It took me a very long time to realize that I would never be completely healed until I not only accepted God into my life but
actually turned my life over to him.  I feel as though I have finally
done that and my journey of healing my Aplastic Anemia is complete. 
My journey to heal my life, however is just beginning and as I say in the
last chapter of my book, He is the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and
the Omega.

As many of you know, the spiritual journey is a lifelong process and I
am really only at the beginning.  I
was raised in the church and had wonderful Christian parents. But as Sue
says, I still did not “get it.”  I
had not given my life over to God and experienced the joy associated with
that decision.  There were
times that I went through the motions and other times when I turned my
back on God altogether.

It took a crisis in my life to open my eyes. 
Sure, we had experienced many life crises with the premature deaths
of my parents, challenges with jobs, children, etc. but this was the first
time I had faced my very own personal crisis of life threatening
proportion.  Even then, I
still did not “get it” for over two years. 
As my body and mind were healed, I had still not completely put my
trust in God to heal my spirit.

I am now at the beginning of the new journey and
humbly offer “Hymns of Heritage” as my personal witness to Jesus
Christ.  I am now beginning
a new journey with God as my compass.

Hymns of Heritage

These hymns are either my personal favorites or ones
that are remembered fondly by my favorite people:


Jesus Love Me


I Love to Tell the Story


Children of the Heavenly Father


I am a Poor Wayfarin’ Stranger


Amazing Grace


Now the Day is Over


Silent Night


Will the Circle be Unbroken (Daddy Sang Base)


Just a Closer Walk with Thee


Great Speckled Bird


Grandma’s Swing


How Great Thou Art


What a Friend We Have in Jesus


Lamb of God


Jesus, Please Remember Me

These hymns will help me get in touch with spiritual


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Since my Last transfusion  

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