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My Daily Sauna Treatment

As prescribed originally by Dr. Rea and modified for daily
use at home:

I purchased an Infrared Sauna on the advice of Dr. Rea and Dr.
Rogers.  You can get a catalogue at 1-800-MY SAUNA.  Mine cost
about $4,500 but you can get smaller ones for under $3,000.  It is
probably the best investment I have ever made (after the $10,000 to visit
Dr. Rea in Texas).  Request a brochure here
This is heavenly heats sauna. 

I usually arise at between 6:00 and 7:00 AM and move around a bit to
get the limited amount of blood flowing.  Check the overnight market
etc. and put on Sue’s coffee.  I then start the "other"
coffee boiling as prescribed by Dr. Rogers.  I boil four tablespoons
of coffee in a little over 4 cups of water for at least 10 minutes and
then set it aside to cool.  While this is going on, I start my daily
exercise.  I either walk back and forth in the house or on nice days
walk outside for at least 30-45 minutes and this has progressed from by
original 5-10 minutes. While walking, I also exercise my upper body doing
arm swings etc.  I am also now lifting a dumb bell over my head with
ease. (If you read my journal you know that at one time I lost complete
use of my right arm!)  About 10 minutes before the end of the walk, I
turn on the sauna for warming up.

I take the following pre-sauna supplements as prescribed by Dr Rea:

1-2 50 Mg Capsules of Niacin to improve blood circulation and
aid the removal of toxins. 

1 300 Mg capsule of alpha Ketoglutaric Acid to aid in the
removal of toxins to the brain and maintainign the proer acid/alkaline

1 75 Mg Capsule of Reduced L-Glutathione which also assists the
detoxification process. This is an amino acid that acts as a powerful

1 1000 Mg capsule of Vitamin C to replace Vitamin C used up
during the Sauna process and assist in the antitoxin process.

I then take something to read or do a cross-word puzzle while I sauna
for 30-40 minutes at about 160 degrees.  I originally started at
about 120 degrees for 20 minutes, and this current duration is pretty the
recommended maximum. You definitely need to ease into this duration if you
don’t want to pass out!  Lately I have started deep breathing,
relaxation techniques and meditation.  I was amazed to find that with
the proper relaxation techniques (deep breathing followed by increased
tensing and relaxing of each part of the body), my body will actually tell
me where there are problems and I can massage the trouble spots.  I
was having neuropathy in my foot and I now believe it was caused by a
pinched nerve on the upper part of my foot. I have been massaging that
area for the last several days and the neuropathy is getting better. 

I have also started "dry rubbing" with a special sponge to
further stimulate the removal of toxins and it seems to be helpful. 
Early on, perspiration was very minimal but now that I am a veteran, it is
relatively easy to get into a heavy sweat and I can literally feel the
toxins pouring out of my body.  

Sauna is followed by a shower and the colon cleansing coffee enema as prescribed by Dr.
Rogers (see below).  I was originally pretty wiped out by the whole process but
lately have been feeling much stronger and have even added some fairly
strenuous exercises to the daily routine.  I am now doing 15-20 push
ups and sit ups and 5 trips up and down 12 steps.  My latest goal is
to get myself back into the shape I was in as a teen-ager.  

Post- sauna supplements include the following:

2 Capsules of Tyler Multiplex-1 without Iron which provides
pretty much all the RDA for everything you can imagine. 

1 30 Mg capsule of Jarrow Forumla Q-absorg Co-Q10 that was
recommended as a necessary supplement for healthy bloo cell developoment. 
(I’m note really sure about this one, but will use up a bottle)

1 capsule of Everyday Essential Oils to help replace the oils
excreted during the Sauna.

The Dr. Rea elixir of:

1/2 teaspoon of Potassium Chloride, 1/2 teaspoon of Tri Salts and 1
teaspoon of Psyllium Husk mixed in an ounce of today’s oil (rotate sesame,
safflower, olive and canola).

I drink at least 2-3 large glasses of water before during and after and
by 9:30 I am finished and ready to face the day.  The whole process
actually takes about 2 1/2 hours from start to finish. 

The daily regimen is one part of my entire Healing

Another step by step plan I recently recommended in an email:

Unfortunately there is no "quick fix" solution that will boost
the bone marrow.  I have been on my alternative approach now for
about a year and my counts are just now beginning to stabilize (not yet
going up).  As I tell everyone, I am not a medical
professional and I am very careful in my advice to anyone regarding this
potentially life and death situation.  
 If I were to do it over again, I would try this approach
before subjecting my body to the toxic treatments recommended by most
docs these days (ATG, BMT, steroids, chemo, etc.): 
Step 1 – Find an allergist and try to determine what foods and other
substances you are allergic to – i.e. what is causing your immune system
to be out of balance
Step 2 – If you are unable to find an allergist, then take a body
flushing approach by going on the macrobiotic – 50% grains, 30% leafy
greens or vegetables , 10% beans 10% soups" diet prescribed by Dr.
Sherry Rogers in her book, The Cure is In the Kitchen – ISBN
(I started with that diet change way back when and still go back to it
as a way to flush the junk out of my system – It takes weeks before
you notice any change)
Step 3 – Pay very careful attention to your physical
environment – Clean air? (get a good quality air filter – $500) Mine is
an Austin Healthmate (Search on Austin Healthmate at
and you’ll find lots of places to by one) Avoid toxic substances (gas,
cleaning fumes, etc)
Step 4 – Drink ONLY purified water -Pure spring water is even better –
Lose the soda, coffee, etc.
Step 5 – (This one is kinda ugly, but it works) – Do a coffee enema
every day – Boil 4 cups of water with 4 table spoons of coffee and do
treatments of 2 cups each – According to Dr. Sherry Rogers this type of
remedy was commonplace less than 20 years ago and helps to flush the
toxins out of your digestive system
Step 6 – Reduce the stress in your life – I dramatically changed from a
"Type A" driver personality to a much more relaxed "Type
B’ – Reducing the stress on your system is critical to the success of
anything you have her do. Be sure to get plenty of rest  as your
body is fighting a very significant battle and sleep is critical.
Step 7 – If at all possible, buy or locate a CLEAN sauna and do daily
sauna as described above
Step 8 – DO maintain regular visits with Dr. , monitor blood counts and
get transfusions as necessary – The doctors are instrumental in keeping
you alive while you try the approach.  But avoid the steroids and
other chemical toxins they may want to prescribe.
Step 9 – Be sure to get good exercise daily starting at whatever level
you can tolerate but eventually moving to at least a good 60 minutes of
walking every day.
Step 10 – Realize it will take a LONG time and watch for small
signs of progress.  There is no magic cure for this illness.
If after six months on this regimen you see no progress, then consider
the doctor’s recommendations.