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Vitamins and Nutrients List

From the Introduction of "A Prescription for
Nutritional Healing" by Dr. James F. Balch and Phyllis A. Balch,
C.N.C. ISBN 0-89529-429-X (I highly recommend purchasing this book):

"’A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human
blessings.’; – Hippocrates;"

Think of the body as being composed of millions of tiny little
engines…In order for engines to work right, they require specific
fuels…For us, much of the fuel we give our engines come from the things
we eat. The foods we eat contain nutrients. These nutrients come in the
form of vitamins, mineral, hydrocarbons, water, enzymes, amino acids, and
fats. It is these nutrients that allow us to sustain life…Nutrients are
involved in all body processes from combating illness to repairing tissues
to thinking…their common goal is to keep us going. 

When we do not give ourselves the proper nutrients, we can cause great
harm to the body by impairing its normal function.  The problem with
most of use is we do not get what we need from our "modern
diet". By understanding the principles of holistic nutrition…we
can improve the state of our health, stave off disease and maintain a
harmonious balance in the way nature intended."

From P,14, of the same book:

"The healthiest foods are those that have been grown
organically.  These foods are grown without the use of insecticides,
herbicides, artificial fertilizers, or growth stimulating chemicals…All
foods must be thoroughly washed using a vegetable brush and allowed to
soak for ten minutes in fresh, clean filtered water…vegetables should be
eaten raw as much as possible. Vitamins and enzymes are extremely
sensitive to heat and are destroyed in the cooking process." 

Although I was taking a fair number of vitamins and supplements while I
was in the worst shape to help get me back in balance, I am now seeking
ways to get my nutrition from natural sources.  I now only take a
multi-vitamin and the supplements necessary to replace things sweated out
during my sauna.  The intent of these charts is to help me (and you)
determine the best ways to get the necessary nutrients into my system.

A Work in Process – See also the Sources
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