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Today’s Menu

Brought to You by Obie Wan Knobie III

This will start out as a bit of a joke, but who knows,
maybe I’ll be on TV someday with my specially cooked organic, life saving

Saturday Breakfast

Right Out of the Box 

Kashi, the breakfast pilaf seven grains. Heat for 25 minutes and eat

Saturday Lunch

"Empty the Refrigerator Stir Fry" 

All organically grown veggies including red onion, carrots, celery,
daikon (2 kinds), cauliflower and some kind of premixed veggie stuff Sue
bough a while ago.  Add a little BRAGG liquid amino and some
ginger/peanut sauce for flavor.  Cook up some brown (organic again
please) rice, add some olive oil and fry it for Bruce’s down home fried
rice.  Stir fry the veggies in some olive oil.  Go out and mow
the lawn (do you believe it – I could hardly walk a few short months ago).
Come back to the smell of burned rice – scrape off the good stuff and
leave the rest for Sue to clean up (I can’t scrub cause I don’t have the
strength <grin>.  Lots of good healthy water from Grandpa
B’s spring.

Stir it up  Stir it up Stir it up Stir it up Stir it up Stir it up
mark it with a B and toss it on a plate for bubba and me.

Meanwhile, Fred has successfully streamed the first video of grandson
Josh and I enjoy my ERSF (Empty the…) with a video of Josh.

Saturday Dinner

Saturday lunch stir fry became Saturday night soup.  Toss in some
of Grandpa’s water and voila, we have soup.  Add some organically
grown Romaine Lettuce with a little concoction that Sue whipped up out of
Tofu and Peanut Sauce and we have salad to go with the soup.  Then
fry up some kasha (roasted buckwheat for the uninformed) and you have a
delicacy fit for  grandparents – Did we tell you we are grandparents
now?  Wanna see some pictures
So, Saturday was a full blown, complete Vegan and macrobiotic day.

Sunday Breakfast

Oatmeal I believe – Just like Momma used to make and it always reminds
Sue of her childhood when she used to take a hot stone to bed to keep her
feet warm. <grin> 

Sunday Lunch

I don’t remember Sunday lunch so it was probably more of the LOSS
(Left Over Stir-fry Soup)

Sunday Dinner 

Let’s go out to dinner – An adventure in good eating out

We tried to go to Munja’s (Middle East favorite) that has all kinds of
good veggie dishes, but they are closed on Sunday’s -Duh – it’s only been
that way since Liz broke her ankle walking the dog – but that’s another
story.  Anyways, back to the menu – So…. we went next door to the
Mexican place "Alto Cinco" – Get it? And I was able to locate
Beens and Rice and a Fiesta Salad which did me fine. A little bit of
shredded chicken was included (must be I did not read the menu closely
enough and yes, Virginia I cheated and ate the Chicken)

Sunday synopsis – Almost all veggie and macrobiotic, but I have to be
human…. speaking of which, we went out for an ice cream cone after
dinner – oh well.

Monday Breakfast

WAFFLES! – Using organic waffle mix and maple syrup – Hmmm!

Monday Lunch 

OK, the LOSS is getting pretty old and tasteless – It will be tossed

Monday Dinner – I blew it 

Should have brought some carrots from home, but did not and splurged
on a chicken ceaser wrap.  The good news is that I can’t remember the
last time I had any beef, but I do let chicken and fish slip in once in a

Monday Evening Snack

What would you like with your sub-cutaneous desferal this evening Mr.
Lande? – Oh, I believe I’ll have some soy nuts or maybe some Rye Krisps
and almond butter – Hmmm (Right!)  

Editor’s Note:

Antigen and Dr. Re Re update – I am now successfully rotating my
antigen shots – Day One is ALF (my reconstituted blood – sounds like
something I could add to my menu, doesn’t it?), and the stuff stored in
the refrigerator (as opposed to the vials stored in the freezer,
silly).  Day two is the green stuff (all the molds, grasses, etc
mixed up in a green labeled vial). Day Three is Food and bacterias and Day
four is whatever is left (Viruses and other lovely stuf like that). 
Also add my daily sauna treatments and the associated vitamins and
supplements and my friendly encounter with coffee.  (Don’t ask and I
won’t tell you).

Just for the record, Sue is faithfully eating the same stuff I do –
What a woman!  We also stayed on the diet while visiting our new
grandson, Joshua Riley Torres – Wanna see some pictures
We visited the Super Stop & Shop and found organic veggies and a
natural food section.  Bought some falalfel mix and some Humus mix
and a few other goodies like brown rice, soy nuts etc.

"Look Luke, it’s a variation on the original garbage crusher
scene in Episode Two – Oh, no will we make it out alive?"  

How many times will George be able to dupe us into seeing the same
stuff?  Stay tuned – Cause Josh is gonna wanna see it with his
Gramps.  That will make three generations that grow up on Star Wars.


Sue’s Golf night and my Poker Night – Ain’t life "grand"
when you have a grand baby – wanna see
some pictures?

Poker tonight so this has to be quick – See my story for my shopping
adventure and here is what I ate today:

Breakfast – "Twice burned Nice N’ Rice" (It’s kind of like
Twice Bked Potatoes but a little crunchier)I am trying to get every pan
in Sue’s kitchen to have that lived in,  burned on look.  

Lunch – Oh Oh – been to the grocery store and got hungry – Frozen Veggie
Lasagna – actually a fairly limited list of ingredients so was probably OK

Dinner – As we speak, so to speak – Veggies burgers, sweet potato
fries (don’t knock em, if you’ve never had ’em) and fried onions – still
airing out the kitchen. 

Here come the boys – will clean this up later.

Wednesday – My Golf Night – Do You Believe It – I’m actually in a golf
league and holding my own!

Breakfast – Out of the box granola with little fake blueberries – How
can they call these little bits of nothing, blueberries with some soy milk
– It’s great cause it keeps for months unlike cow’s milk that spoils in a
few days.

Lunch – Black beans and rice. Soak the beans night before or in the
morning, add some onions, cook ’em up and thro some rice in with ’em –
actually pretty tasty if you’re used to eating styrofoam from Micky D’s.

Dinner – After my nine holes of golf selected a Chicken Ceasar Salad
without the chicken so even when I am from my gourmet kitchen, I can still
stay reasonably close to the diet.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday- Went to visit Melanie, Fred and Josh
and the diet went bye bye

Fred treated us to a New England Clam Boil and we had to hose down the
kitchen floor when it was over.  We each ate two lobsters, several
crab legs, a dozen or so clams and some hot dogs (Fred said they were
really special cause they were cooked in the same water with the clams ) –
GAG!  Maybe Josh will like them?  But oh was the rest of it good
– Some salt potatoes, sweet corn and water melon – Made going off the diet
worth it.

Synopsis of some other macrobiotic meals:

Lots of rice and other grains, lots of "greens" – Various
types of lettuce, kale, mustard greens, etc., beans (black, red, white,
navy, etc.) and pretty much any vegetable as long as it grown organically
(minus the pesticides, gassing etc.) .  I also am experimenting with
Thai foods and like to visit all the Asian grocery stores and restaurants
I can find.