Welcome to Aplastic Central, a patient resource and a place for people who have been diagnosed with aplastic anemia, myelodysplastic syndromes, bone marrow disorders and other autoimmune diseases to connect, research and get answers to questions that may not be available elsewhere. My name is Bruce Lande and I am a long term survivor of Aplastic Anemia. I was diagnosed with this killer disease on January 9 of 2001 and am living proof that Aplastic Anemia and other Bone Marrow Disorders can be beaten!

As of January 9, 2019, thanks to my first wife Sue who went to heaven on November 16 of 2014, several doctors and by the Grace of God, I am still alive.

I followed an alternative strategy in curing myself and there are others who have done the same. There are also many people who chose more conventional strategies and also have survived. Unfortunately, over my 15 years, I have conversed online with many who are no longer with us. I decided to get back involved in helping others after a long sabbatical from the disease.

The first website was called Aplasticcentral.com.  By clicking the link, you will see what that site looked like in 2007. I unfortunately let that domain name expire and someone else claimed it. The new website is called aplasticcentral.org. I also wrote a book about my experience that you can order here.

I am completely revamping, revising and update the original website starting with this Directory Page. The directory currently has the original links to information that I discovered over 15 years ago and I will be updating and adding to the directory over the next several months. Please stay tuned and visit often as you can as more people become members . One of the first tasks is to create a members forum where you all can talk with each other. This was one of the most popular sections on the original site as you can see by the several links to old patient forums on the New Directory Page.

I dedicate this renewed effort and this site to my first wife Sue, my wife Gay who has inspired me to get back involved and all the people who have contacted me over the years. At the time I was dianosed, there was very little information on the internet so I created a website for people who are dealing with Bone Marrow Disorders like Aplastic Anemia, Myelodysplasia and other autoimmune diseases.

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