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Almost over the latest bump in the road….

From: LauraJaros@hotmail.com

Date: 12/2/2003

Time: 12:48:50 PM

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It seems Larry may be on the upswing again, the hemorrhages have completely healed up…meaning he no longer sees anything (spots or tadpoles) in his field of vision. And his cold is getting better….He is still coughing but not as much or as deep. Yesterdays counts were 18,000 platelets, 7.8 on Hgb and 2.5 on white cells with 1400 neutrophils. NOW he did receive platelets last Monday the 24th of Nov and red cells the 25th AND we just stopped the Neumega shots on Saturday……..BUT the Dr. was very excited about his counts and thinks he may be starting to see a response to the ATG. I will feel much better after we get Fridays counts but am very hopeful that will be good news, too.
The Dr. also talked about the mind/body connection and how it relates to our immune system , which I think is fantastic because I really believe that connection is important and a big factor in our overall health. If we can work on strenghtening that more diligently it can only help.
We are still preparing for a possible transplant at the end of the month, just in case. End of December (week of Christmas) will be 12 weeks since the ATG. Again, I hope the counts continue to climb or at least not fall as quickly or as much….Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers these next few days..It seems we are always leading up to what we think is the "big" day…..maybe Friday will be it….Laura

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