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Still working on getting through this cold!!

From: LauraJaros@hotmail.com

Date: 11/29/2003

Time: 11:37:43 AM

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It seems Larry is getting better. The "tadpoles" in his eye stopped swimming which I would assume mean the bleeding stopped. We went to Wisc last Wednes. The Dr. there was very well informed and answered all of the questions we had. She is the one who actually computes stats on BMT by Diagnosis (is also a statician) from 450 hospitals. I did ask her about the fact I had read that ATG can complicate a BMT done later. She said that its not the ATg itself but the fact those people can experience more complications than people who go directly to BMT while they are waiting on a response to the ATG, mainly bleeding and hemorrhaging. Still does not make me want to jump into a BMT for Larry. His counts in Wisc were 43,000 platelets (highest since dx due to Neumega and transfusion two days prior), 7.9 Hgb (transfused day before) and 2.5 white. He is still coughing a lot, especially at night. His temp at the Drs office in Wisc was 99.2 (taken in mouth instead of ear like Dr at home) so I was immediately alarmed and told them he normally is under 98.0 so that was high for him. They took it two more times and last time showed 98.2 so luckily it was a fluke. So far no temps with this cold, so hopefully infection will not set in. Just need to stiffle this cough. Normally we take Zinc and Echinacea for colds, but he cant now…plus we really cant push fluids because his extremities are still swollen. Another good thing is that today is his last shot of Neumega. Although that did increase his platelets, the side effectss have been horrible. Hopefully his counts wont nose dive.
He is havina his second BMB on December 11th at the Univ of Chicago. First one was not so horrible, maybe because he was in such shock about finding out he was so sick in the first place. He did not take any pain meds afterwards and seemed to handle it well. This time though since he knows what it entails, he is a little more apprehensive.
I am going to ask his local Dr. at our appt tomorrow about Fanconi Anemia since I did not see in his medical records where we had tested for it yet. I read on the List Serv about a guy who was diagnosed with AA for 13 years and a Dr. recheced the DX the day he was scheduled for a BMT and found he had Fanconi Anemia….So, I want to make sure we cover that one now…
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Ours was really nice…….Laura

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