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Another complication

From: LauraJaros@hotmail.com

Date: 11/25/2003

Time: 8:00:08 AM

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It did not even really occur to me that Larry could get sick while we wait on the response to the ATG. I guess I was just focusing on the positives as far as his immediate health. Well, both of our girls have colds and Larry has been coughing a little and sneezing for a couple of days. We were not sure if he was fighting off a cold or if it was side effects from the Neumega (can cause cough and runny nose). Sunday night he started to see what he described as a tadpole swimming in his right eye. Went to Drs Monday for a previously scheduled appt. and found out he has retinal hemorrhaging in both eyes. His platelets are at 17,000 so Dr. did not think low platelets were the cause of the bleeding. He said the coughing and sneezing are what caused it. The white count is up to 2.5 with 1800 neutrophils so Dr. thinks Larry is fighting an infection related to the cold, so he put him on an antibiotic to help. Larry received platelets yesterday and will receive red cells today. He made it three weeks without a platelet transfusion and two on Hgb so that was good. Hgb was at 6.0 but since he was feeling light headed, short of breath and generally pretty horrible we decided to get blood today. It seems every time things start to get to us, something happens at precisely the right moment to give us strength to get through it. Last night as I was making dinner, it was all starting to really bother me (more than usual, obviously its always an issue)…when in walked our son, home from college a day early with no warning….What a really nice surprise!!!! That really lifted our spirits!!! Anyway, we are still planning on getting another opinion tomorrow from the Dr. in Wisconsin…I am looking forward to hearing what this Dr. has to say………..Laura

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