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Re: Statistics–success vs. survival for BMT

From: Marla

Date: 11/20/2003

Time: 9:27:41 PM

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Hi Laura:

First off, I’d like to emphasize that this is *my opinion* because I know others will not agree with me and become offended.

Yes, I do admit I have strong opinions on treatments for AA. I was not comfortable taking even the very basic pharmaceutical treatments, which were Cyclosporin alone or even Danazol (adrogen) alone. The side effects of just those pharmaceuticals were not acceptable to me. You’re asking me what I think of BMT w/T-cell depletion, a procedure that involves many more drugs. Theoretically, the BMT w/T-cell depletion should eliminate GVHD, but this type of BMT still does not eliminate all the other complications that go along with it. The National Marrow Donor site lists about 14 sections for complications from BMTs, with only one section dealing with GVHD. That still leaves you with 13 other hurdles for the BMT.

I wouldn’t do it. To me it’s not just a matter of making blood again. When I got AA, it opened my eyes to a lot of things such as the vast amount of sicknesses people are suffering from. I did not want to just make blood again only to develop some other disease. All these pharmaceutical treatments for AA do not cure or protect from relapses. Nor do they prevent other diseases. The most they offer is intermediate relief from AA. Many debilitating and even agonizing side effects can be expected. Therefore, I’ve focused away from the standard medical venue. I did not confine my research to the medical paradigm and found a whole world of practical health information. I was determined that the drugs offered were toxic and contrary to nature. Conventional medicine didn’t offer to me what I wanted or what I thought made sense.

My opinion? BMT w/T-cell depletion is just like all the other promises they have made—another slash and burn procedure which lines their pockets at our expense.

Take care,


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