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Re: Statistics–success vs. survival for BMT

From: Marlene

Date: 11/18/2003

Time: 4:40:15 PM

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Hi Laura,

The claims/success rate statitics can drive you crazy. They can be misleading, flawed or out of date. You just don’t know. I believe it’s important to have statistic on BMTs for AA patients versus everyone going through a BMT. AA is a different disease from cancer and I would expect survival rates to be higher for AA. Many cancer patients undergoing BMTs have had chemo prior to the BMT which you would think would alter outcomes. They enter a process in a diseased state and their body has previously been assulted with chemo and radiation. Also, the protocol for many cancer BMT patients includes full body radiation to kill any remaining cancer. I don’t think AA patients need the radiation but I’m not sure. Cancer patients can have successful BMTs but the cancer comes back later.

When John went through his treatment, we kind of broke it down into major milestones and survial probabilities. The first part was to survive the chemo. The next step was recover adequate white cells on your own in order to fight off infections. A very critical point in the process. The third step is to get transfusion free and off all meds. John will end up in one of three outcomes. 100% recovered with full counts, partially recovered, meaning transfusion free but counts still not within normal range or partially recovered still needing transfusion (basically remain at the level he was when he underwent the treatment). Since this is a clinical trial, the stats do change and the number of people going through it is small so a couple of really bad or good outcomes can alter the overall statistics.

So I wouild try to get them to break it down for you. Age matters in BMT. You also need stats on GVHD. We did meet people with successful BMTs only to have to deal with chronic GVHD. There is no way to predict but you already know all this.

I hope the ATG kicks in 100% and this becomes a non-issue for you.


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