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Statistics–success vs. survival for BMT

From: LauraJaros@hotmail.com

Date: 11/18/2003

Time: 3:15:17 PM

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I started to search the archives and to be honest, decided to take the lazy way out and just post this question. What is the difference between Success rates and survival rates?? Material I have says Matched sibling transplants have a 70% to 90% success rate for Aplastic Anemia, but when you look at stats on survival for transplants on the National Bone Marrow registry, the survival rate at one year (for the material selected to keep stats on, I did notice the survival stats dont add up to the number of transplants for each dx) is less than 50 %. If a transplant center does 10 transplants for AA in a one year period and 5 of those people die, and of the remaining 5, 4 are considered successsful(transfusion independent with low but functional counts), how would those stats read?? 50% survival, BUT would it be 80% successful?? and what if 3 of those five who survive die over the next five years because of transplant related complications??? I am just trying to get a handle on exactly what the numbers mean. I do realize that a lot of info on line is not current because of the technological advances made all the time. I will ask our Drs. too, but am trying to develop an understanding in the meantime. According to the "stats", the odds of anyone even having Aplastic Anemia are pretty small, yet most people on this site either have it or know someone with it…. We did not beat the odds on that one. So dont know what the numbers will end up meaning to me anyway.. No matter what, its a gamble and you have to just use your own judgement…….Laura

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