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Re: Neumega


Date: 11/18/2003

Time: 11:56:47 AM

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I did check out their website and it really did not help a lot. I am getting to the point where it seems like everything he is on and the fact he has AA could be causing some of the side effects you mentioned. He does get headaches, shortness of breath, has swelling in the extremities, gets light headed and is extremely tired (cant sleep much) and feeling bad in general. Also, his iron is now up to 2600 and we are watching that, too. It gets difficult to sort out what the symptoms are caused from. He also had Desferal with his last transfusion. We may be doing that on a more regular basis soon. His white count is down to 1.7 (900 neutrophils) so we are keeping an eye on that also. Red is at 6.8. He did not feel any better at all after his last transfusion of blood, but had gained all of that water weight so maybe that is why. His platelets are at 13,000 and its now been two weeks since his last platelet transfusion so the Neumega is working. He is the only person I have heard of so far who has had any success with the Neumega and has AA. One last note, Our Dr. did talk to Dr. Young and was advised to give the ATG three months (what we and all of you have been saying all along)..so the issue of when to move on is settled for now. We are off to see a Dr. Horowitz in Wisconsin next Wednesday the 26th for yet another opinion……Thanks for your input…Laura

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