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Re: Hypothyroidism and the bone marrow

From: Marla

Date: 11/13/2003

Time: 5:29:05 PM

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Hi Laura:

About a week after my diagnosis, I got an infection for which I was hospitalized. During that hospital stay, I got my PICC line. My temp was always slightly higher than normal at 99-100. When my PICC line got infected about three months later, it was removed. After that infection cleared, my temp was commonly lower than normal. I wonder if others have kept track of their temps during the early days of diagnosis? Or whether they had any endocrine function tests. Actually, I’ve read some about how iron overload can negatively affect endocrine function. I’ve seen lists of conditions, but nothing that stated that low endocrine function due to iron overload caused AA. (I guess there’s always a first?) I haven’t had any endocrine function tests. Am considering it, though.

Oh, you know what else I remember. I used to get night sweats sometimes. I don’t anymore. I think I recall others getting night sweats.

I agree with Bruce that the more people share their experiences and research/ideas, the more we all benefit. Just because we share, doesn’t mean we expect everyone to do it, too. I don’t think you have to be a hematologist to be active in figuring out what you can do to help your body heal. You can see on Bruce’s research section that lots of people have been trying different things. Even if you don’t figure out all the puzzles, every little bit helps. And sometimes is just enough. I don’t think that the answers are always found in one spot. There are different causes for AA, and there are varying degrees of severity. I suggest not to under estimate your abilities. :o) Doesn’t hurt to try. Or shall I quote Yoda, "No. There is no try. Only do." Heh heh.

Take care!


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