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Re: Autoimmune and the adrenal glands

From: Marlene

Date: 11/12/2003

Time: 11:19:36 AM

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I have also read about the benefits of cholesterol and never worried about total cholesterol levels as long as I had the proper ratios of good to bad.

John had a physical the year he got AA and the only difference in his blood work was with his cholesterol levels. We questioned his DR on this and they kept telling us his tests were all normal. John’s CBC’s have always been on the low end of normal for most of his adult life and I believe he’s had AA for a long time but it never became a crisis until recently. When I compared his blood work from his last two physicals (pre AA), his total cholesterol levels were the same . However, the ratio of HDL to LDL swapped places. He always had the right ratios of good to bad and then that changed within one year. There was not change in diet or life style… John exercised daily, is a pretty easy going guy, and ate a healthy diet. Not a life style that would elevate cholesterol. In hindsight, we should have insisted that they check his blood again in 2-3 months but we didn’t follow through on it. It’s clear to me that this change was significant and should have alerted the DR that something was going on because John’s counts were on the decline at that time and we did not know it until he became very symptomatic.

In addition to his cholesterol change, his iron levels were at the high end of normal and his red cell were just below normal. But it did not set off any alarms with his dr. These three things alone should have prompted a good dr to check his blood again.

So to my question…did you come across any info regarding HDH and LDL versus total cholesterol?


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