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Composition of Neutrophils

From: Marla

Date: 11/10/2003

Time: 7:29:39 PM

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I happened to be going through Williams Hematology and came across a chapter which discusses the composition of neutrophils by Dr. Ernest Beutler. (I was hoping to find the composition of platelets, but no such luck). Anyway, for those interested, here is what Beutler has written:

"Approximately 82 percent of the leukocyte weight is water. There is a remarkable paucity of data regarding the electrolyte content of neutrophils. The often quoted 1929 study of Endres and Herget was carried out on mixed leukocytes from the blood of horses obtained at a slaughterhouse. They found an average of 2610 mg sodium, 889 mg potassium, 72 mg calcium, 10.3 iron, 2487 mg chloride, and 299 mg inorganic phosphate per liter of leukocytes."

They also found copper, zinc, and magnesium with little selenium in neutrophils.

The neutrophil is particularly rich in glycogen. The concentrations of most amino acids are higher in neutrophils than is the surrounding plasma.

As in other cells, the plasma membrane and the membranes of the intracellular organelles are rich in lipids (fats). Five percent of the wet weight of neutrophils is lipd (fat).

Neutrophils contain all the forms of RNA needed for protein synthesis: transfer RNA, ribosomal RNA, and messenger RNA.

Other nutrients found in packed leukocytes of normal subjects were folic acid, cocarboxylate, pyridoxal phosphate, thiamine(B1), ascorbic acid(vit C), and folate.

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