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Date: 19 May 2004
Time: 13:52:02 -0400
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I have been followint this forum since march, but this is my first post. My son was diagnosed with very SAA on 1st march 2004. His platelets were down to 3000 and his whites at 1.8, Hgb at 6.6 and anc below .1. We did the ATG on the 13th of April and are still waiting for a response. Immediately after his ATG, his whites started rising and came upto 5 within a week with ANC upto .970, but after a week it started coming down gradually and fluctuated till it came down again to .127, whites at 1.8 yesterday. We are very worried as it has been almost 5 weeks, and we have not seen improvements in his hgb and platelets. After the ATG his platelets stayed for about 6 days, but since the last week, we had to transfuse him when the platelets came down to 12 after 4 days. We have taken the advice of OTTO and working on the PGD process. I live in Muscat Oman which is very far from the states. I intend to go to chicago maybe in 10 days to start the IVF cycle, but am scared to travel with my son on such low counts. I need some help from you guys. Will it be safe for him to travel, and what precautions whould we take so that he does not get a bug during travel. Also i would really appreciate if someone would give me some contacts of Hospitals in chicago, where we could have another opinion and also get hs CBC checked and if required have him transfused while we are there. God bless you all, I have found out so much about this desease on this site.

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