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Re: increase in bump from transfusions

From: LauraJaros@hotmail.com
Date: 13 May 2004
Time: 08:46:17 -0400
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My husband, Larry,had his last transfusions in Nov of 2003. That last transfusion of red cells gave him the biggest boost of any so far at that point. It held steady for a long time and then finally started to go up. In February,we had the blood center test his blood for any antigens so we could screen transfused blood more closely if he ever needs transfusions again. At that point, the transfused cells from November were still showing up…so that last transfusion was an indicator of better things ahead, I think.
On a side note, what really seemed to work with him was the male hormones he started taking. We are going to taper them as soon as his Hgb is around 14. Last counts were Hgb at 11.8, white at 2.5 and platelets at 49,000……so we are definitely seeing progress.
He had ATG in Oct of 2003. Hope this helps somewhat..although everyone is so different, hopefully this is encouraging.
Take care,

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