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Re: increase in bump from transfusions

From: Mechelle
Date: 05 May 2004
Time: 23:04:07 -0400
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I had ATG twice, the first time I didn't respond and remained transfusion dependant on platelets and RBC for a year. I had the second ATG a year later, if I didn't respond I was to go to a MUD BMT, but I did respond about 2 months later. The first sign of response was to hold counts just above transfusion levels, this went on for about a year, my platelets sat at about 25 and my Hgb at 80. It has taken many years for my counts to come up, 5 years to be exact. I remember the days of obsessing over my counts, if they dropped just a point I would be devestated. Today my counts are not normal but pretty good, Hgb 120, Plat. 115 and WBC 4.5. Hang in there, recovery can be slow, but it will come!

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