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Re: What is the longevity of transfused platelets?

From: Marla
Date: 04 May 2004
Time: 00:41:57 -0400
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Howdie: I think it depends on how compatible the platelets are with your body, but probably won't last much longer than 12 days. My personal experience was that for platelets that my body didn't chew up right away, they generally declined about 10K per day. (I had a situation in the beginning of my diagnosis where I was having CBCs daily, so was able to monitor that). I had 6 regular platelet donors–3 of them would give me a boost to 78-ish K and would last about 7-8 days. The other transfusions which gave me a smaller boost (30-50K) would last shorter, but still declining about 10K per day. Other platelet transfusions that my body didn't like at all wouldn't last the night. With those transfusions the next morning's CBC would show zilch platelets. So, I think how long the platelets lasts in your body once transfused depends on how your body gets along with the platelets and how many days the platelets have already been laying around in the blood bank before you got it. I've read of others who could manage getting platelets every 2 weeks, so apparently their bodies were kind to those transfused platelets, AND/OR they were making a small amount on their own to help out a little. Would be interesting to see what experiences other have had. Take care, Marla

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