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Re: White Counts

From: LauraJaros@hotmail.com

Date: 10/9/2003

Time: 7:55:05 AM

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What was it about the counts that confused you?? Is there other things I should find out or is it the White count?? He is at 0.4 on those which Doc said is 400, does that help at all?? What did your doc do differently?? His Dr. is taking him off of the prednisone and I am a little concerned. I thought the Dr. had said that could be what is stopping him from bleeding with his platelets so low..His gums were bleeding a lot when he was first diagnosed. He went on Prednisone and the bleeding stopped even as his platelet count kept falling. Also, he has been on 80 mg a day for almost 4 weeks, Dr dropped him from 80 to 40 yesterday and is only going to give 20 today. I dont get that either….I thought it was supposed to be a gradual reduction. I talked to the nurse last night. She said the prednisone is for swelling and joint pain.. I do know that. She also said he shoud be fine as far as the withdrawal. My gut tells me she just really is not familiar with what is going on. I am unbelievably exhausted so not sure if I am dreaming things up now or what. Its just not sitting well with me. I will talk to the Dr. as soon as I can. I am trying to maintain a somewhat normal life for my kids who are 7, 8 and 15 (19 yr old is coming home from college for a couple of days so that should help)…and the longer he is in the hospital, the more difficult it becomes. I am sure you all find that to be true….there is no place like home, for sure. I am still confused about the transfusion thing. SO many people on this site have a lot of transfusions. Larry has only had two units (if that is the correct term) transfused so far. He and Dr. are holding out for reasons I mentioned in earlier postings. Its hard for me to know where to go with a blood drive for Larry. Tons of people would donate, do I jump on that now??They can only store it for so long so I guess I am waiting to see if he is headed towards more transfusions. I have the form for the blood bank ready. If people donate now and he does not use any of it (I think they will use it for other patients then,,thats fine) , but in two months all of a sudden he needs a lot of transfusions, do we have another blood drive then?? Or is this what every one deals with and I will just have to figure it out as we go along?? I will have to see how he is doing today and take it from there. Thanks.

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