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Re: White Counts

From: Daria

Date: 10/8/2003

Time: 9:16:40 PM

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Wow Laura, Things really moved along quickly didn’t they? What hospital is Larry at? I am assuming you stayed with your original hemo and you’re local…I am glad he’s done well. I’m a bit confused on the labs you cite and the protocol your Doc’s appear to be following seems quite different than what mine was – but in trying to address your questions….

My WBC moved first, then Hgl & Reds, platelets followed. There has been fluctuation in both white and red – moving in and out of normal (Platelets have a way to go)

Any activity now is more destructive than moving towards production – the whites and platelets get clobbered on purpose. The gains, (and the feeling better) I would guess are primarily from RBC transfusions. If Larry’s platelets are 4000, I would think that that is a major concern and a platelet transfusion is needed now! For the first 3 days after treatment I still got 200mg of Solumedrol via IV and now 2 months later still in the dose down process (10mg every other day – I think the dose was reduced by half every week and then remained at 10mg the last 4).

If you can stand it – hold of on the analysis of labs for a few weeks. I know that is next to impossible but remember many still require transfusions for some time. Be concerned about too low numbers of course and watch the ANC. Keep Larry free from bacteria, and let him freak out a bit with the lightheadedness from the drugs. Have him eat healthy even though the steroids tell him to eat everything in sight!

Then patiently and slowly watch the progress as I was told many times over.

I hope this helps. Daria

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