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It has now been 3 months since my little girl lost her battle to AA.I am coming to this board to THANK everyone that sopported us thoughtout this very long,hard,tring battle with Aplastic Anemia.
Stephanie ended up having a haploidentical Stem cell transplant from her daddy on Febuary 14 of this year.She was doing wonderful and I remember telling her on that day,What a wonderful gift her Father was giving her for Valentines Day."The gift of life."She smilied and said "I am going to be Aplastic Anemia free,finially."All counts started coming up soon after and she was released from the hospital around the beginning of March.Then she was admitted back in and we where told she had adenovirus in her bladder and her blood.She fought this adenovirus for 2 months.It landed in her liver and lungs and she could fight no more.I will never forget that day as long as I live.
I am often asked would I do all the ATGs and everything else we subjected her to again.Looking back….I would`ve let her go to school and enjoy life to its fullest.As for the ATGs,I guess I am going to have to tapdance around that subject for now.I do know I will never look at a nosebleed and a bruise again the same.As many of you know she has a little brother and everytime I see a bruise or he gets a cold or nosebleed I panic.Yes I know it is highly unlikely he will ever get AA but…That cloud is always there, over this familys head.As for what I tell other parents that have a child that has AA.Keep Beleiving!!!
Connie:Thank you for helping Stephanie and sending her little gifts in the mail.It would always brighten her day.
Bruce:Thank you for having a board where we can share our feelings and fears and have people to understand us…The AA family
God Bless all of you