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Another Blood Disease Support Group

From: Marla
Date: 25 Apr 2004
Time: 23:21:56 -0400
Remote Name:


In case anyone is interested, I noticed that Kelly on the members list mentioned that there is a group for blood disorders that has a weekly 2 hour chat on MSN Messenger. I joined it for the first time last friday night and found out that the woman who moderates it is a retired pediatric hematologist. Her name is Peg. She appears very knowledgeable and likely able to answer a lot of your questions. If interested, you can check out the group at http://groups.msn.com/BloodDiseasesSupport You'll be able to find the schedule for the chats depending upon your time zone. The chat group is very flexible, and they don't only talk about blood, but also just socialize. My nickname on the group/chat is unograsshopper.
Take care,

Last changed: 04/25/04