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Re: any solutions for uncontrolled menstrual bleeding?

From: Marla
Date: 25 Apr 2004
Time: 23:01:49 -0400
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Hi: I've been there, too. I found out from my sister-in-law who is a gynecologist that provera can go either way–completely stop the bleeding or cause profuse bleeding. I ended up on the profuse bleeding side. They switched me to another hormone (the name of which escapes me right now), then on to Demulin without the placebos when that didn't work. Like you, it wasn't platelet related because even after platelet transfusions where my platelets were over 50K it still wouldn't stop. The bleeding was way out of control, and my hgb dropped down to 3.7 in less than 2 days after a blood transfusion. I was hospitalized and had to take 9 units of blood. Literally felt like a rag doll. The choices they gave me were 1) packing my uterus (which they said would be painful, but wouldn't really help when the next cycle started), 2) hysterectomy, or 3) endometrial ablation. I ended up having an endometrial ablation. The way the doc explained it to me was that a D&C was like mowing the lawn while an ablation was like taking off the topsoil, too. The only thing is if they "miss" or don't completely ablate a gland then it will grow back, and you will continue to have a menstrual cycle. They told me that the endometrial ablation would stop the bleeding completely for 90% of women and you would be sterile (I already have 3 kids, so that was okay with me). I ended up on the 10% side who would still have a menstrual cycle(apparently they missed a gland or it grew back). But, it's much much more under control now. Very normal. (I had the procedure done around August of 2000). I figured the pro was that I wouldn't have to take hormone replacements or have a hysterectomy (which I think is extreme, AND there are some unpleasant side effects of that once you start to get up in age–kinda embarrassing to mention on the net). It would have been great if I could have controlled it with hormones, but I had already been dealing with in for months–each month getting worse to the point I would dread it when my cycle started, and I was still very blood transfusion dependent (not to mention tired and depressed). Didn't have much of a choice by then. There was one other option that my sister-in-law suggested, and that was a thermal ablation. The result is similar to endometrial ablation, but instead of using a laser, they use very hot water. At the time (in the year 2000), my doc told me that was experimental and that not all hospitals provided that procedure. I know there are several other hormones out there that have worked for other AA women. I think Mechelle mentioned one a while back that worked for her. Maybe she'll respond. Hopefully you can get it under control before having to use extreme measures, especially since you're only 24.
Take care,

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