Re: PICC line from hell—questions about maintaining

From: Becca

Date: 8/21/2004

Time: 1:32:00 PM

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Thanks for the input about the PICC line! I wound up finding some additional information online as well. The problem now is the placement. My old PICC line catheter hung out of my arm ~6 cm, so I could move the position of the statlock and dressing every week and keep my skin from getting raw. With this new PICC, the catheter doesn’t hang out at all, so the position of the statlock and dressing can’t be shifted. I don’t know how I’m going to prevent raw skin, so I need to figure that out. I don’t know if pulling it out a couple of cm would be an option.

I get my treatment at NIH in a clinical trial, so I wasn’t selected to get more ATG this time. I got Campath 1-H instead (finished 4 weeks ago); it’s a monoclonal antibody designed to destroy lymphocytes (temporarily), rather than just blocking them like ATG/cyclo. It was significantly easier than ATG, totally wiped out my lymphocytes, and means that I don’t have to take cyclosporine. Like ATG, it’s a 3-6 month wait for response.