Re: PICC line from hell—questions about maintaining

From: Marla

Date: 8/20/2004

Time: 6:37:17 PM

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Hi Becca:

I only had one PICC line(double lumen also), but had 3 different types of "ends" put on it. I also experienced that "who really knows how to care for these gadgets?" That’s partly how mine got infected, but that’s another story. I ran into that problem not only with the PICC line care, but also with the desferal infusion equipment–the nurses or staff didn’t fully explain things nor did the home health people know all the different products and models and how each was used. What I suggest is to find out exactly what brand/model you have and then call the company who manufactures it. Then ask the company what the procedure is to care for it and what parts belong to it. They would also be better to ask why the model is designed that way and what concerns they had when coming up with the design. Hopefully you can get a knowledgable representative there. It’s unfortunate that we have to do that, but they keep coming out with so many new products that I think it’s hard for the medical staff to keep up with it all much less know what goes with what. I find that they usually know about the older equipment, but when they say, "This is new or state of the art," then you’re probably gonna have to call the manufacturer.

Did you have your second ATG treatment yet?

Take care,