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any solutions for uncontrolled menstrual bleeding?

Date: 25 Apr 2004
Time: 14:42:16 -0400
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I'm 24, developed aplastic anemia in October 2003 and started taking 1 Ovcon daily (skipping the placebo) in November to suppress my menstrual cycle. This worked until January, when I bled heavily for a month. I then increased to 2 Ovcons daily, which again, worked fine until the beginning of April. I have now been bleeding for 3 weeks and have discontinued the Ovcon and started on oral Provera (progesterone.) Still no improvement. We have established that this is not a platelet issue because I continue to bleed even at ~50K. Pre-aplastic anemia, I never had any abnormal bleeding; it was typically light and of short duration because I was very athletic. My hunch is that I'm bleeding for so long because I've been pumped full of hormones since November.
At this point, the gyn's recommendations are (1) induce menopause with Lupron shots (this would require hormone replacements); (2) a (somewhat experimental) procedure to cut off the blood supply to my uterus (carries risk of infection and internal bleeding–very bad for an aplastic patient!); (3) removing uterus. Has anyone had any luck in controlling bleeding in other ways? I would really appreciate any insight to provide some alternatives to the unappealing options that I've been offered so far. Thank you!

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