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Re: Friend with AA

From: Marla

Date: 10/4/2003

Time: 3:13:53 PM

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Hi Martha:

I don’t think I’ve got much of an answer for you, but thought I’d just give you a quick reply, so you don’t think we’re ignoring you. I think the way you stated your post may scare people some away from *trying* to give you some advice because you state that "I know people try to help but sometimes makes it worse." We certainly don’t want to make anything *worse.* Ack!

Since we are all different and have different needs, this might be a situation where you just have to spend more time with your friend talking to her and observing her to see what she may need. Some people need information, some people just need friendly company, etc. Since we don’t know your friend and you do, I think this is something you’ll have to find out by being with her and knowing her situation such as with family and friends, etc.

I suppose if she doesn’t already have someone helping her and watching out for her treatment and taking notes as to what meds she’s on for what, maybe you can help her keep track of all that. I don’t know. Of course make sure she doesn’t mind you doing that. Maybe she can handle it all herself and doesn’t want that kind of help. . . Or maybe if she doesn’t have enough energy you might be able to do some grocery shopping for her, and just basically help her get around.

Just a thought. Take care and good luck.


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