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Going for the bone marrow transplant.

From: Adam
Date: 25 Apr 2004
Time: 00:53:26 -0400
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As you all probably know from my previous postings, that my son Jacob relapsed last November, after 3.5 years of remission. Consequently he received his 2nd ATG and we hoped that he would respond to it. Unfortunately, 5 months have past and his bone marrow is still empty. His condition was stable up to 4th month with only few transfusions. We even had more hopes after we started magnetic therapy. However, after short way up his count plunged back to the borderline. Last month we made decision to go for the transplant and if the original donor had past his physical exams, my son would’ve had a BMT at April 15th.
Luckily Jacob has 3 perfect 10 out of 10 unrelated donors and doctors had a luxury of picking another one. My son will start chemotherapy on this coming Monday and will receive a Bone Marrow Transplant on Thursday May 6th. For him this is an end of the road with out any other options. Hopefully after 4.5 years of fighting, it is going to be an end of this monster disease and renewed chance at life. He just turned 6 last month and even with out the hemoglobin, he is full of energy. I am proud of him, for the fight he put up, knowing that last, long battle is still ahead of him. I hope you will join us in our prayers for him and God bless each of you for your support.

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