From: SC

Date: 8/20/2004

Time: 12:50:54 AM

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Hi! I had four days of ATG back in Nov 2003. I then had cyclo for about 7 months. I actually didnt taper off cyclo, I just stopped cold turkey and my counts havent changed at all yet. I went off cyclo June 2004. The last almost 3 month have been completelt uneventful health wise. My counts seemed to mostly stay the same. My platlets stay between 118,000-130,000 and all my other counts are completely in the normal range. I think Im about 10 months post ATG now. My doctor said everyone is different though….some peoples counts may change with the cyclo taper, but I was fine and I hope you will be too. The only thing that was hard was adjusting back to a normal life. Its very strange to go from taking your temp several times a day and avoiding contact with germs and then suddenly having a normal life again. Even though I was really happy to be better, it was depressing to know that it could come back , and it took me a while to not have that fear be the focus of my life anymore. I hope your taper goes well.