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Re: Stem cell show on PBS

My cbc’s

From: Connie
Date: 23 Apr 2004
Time: 22:17:09 -0400
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Just went to my Dr. this well. Here are my counts. Whites were 4.9, hgb was 11.4 and platelets are 127! These are great counts for me. I was so excited. I am still on Aranesp for the hgb and had ALG in May of 2001. Took this long to get to this point, but I am hoping it just keeps getting better.

From: LauraJaros@hotmail.com
Date: 12 Apr 2004
Time: 22:49:23 -0400
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I just glanced at the information on the link you provided and see no mention of Cord Blood Stem Cells. Does anyone have any idea why that is not even mentioned as another source of stem cells?? I believe that one company now has a system in place (in the U.S. only) where you can donate Cord Blood Stem Cells after giving birth through their company to the National Marrow Donor Registry. I was told they send a kit to your doctor. All someone (a nurse I am assuming) has to do is withdraw the blood with a syringe from the umbilical cord after the birth, put it in the kit and I believe the company even pays for it to be Fed Ex'd to them. I still have a lot to learn about the process. If it is this easy to have done and these cells have the potential to save lives, I am perplexed as to why this is such a well kept secret. I believe that there is not typically enough stem cells in the cord blood for transplant to an adult, but there is enough for a child. No matter how anyone feels about the transplant possibility, its sad that we are throwing away what could be some childs last resort. I could go on. This is something I would like to know a lot more about. There has to be something I just am not seeing…Or maybe its just the all mighty dollar and the companies who store the stem cells would rather push the option that makes more money for them (Storing the cord blood in case someone in your own family needs it).
I am really tired and need to get to bed here….so if I missed something on the link, please let me know…..
Take care,

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