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Not  feeling as optimistic

From: LauraJaros@hotmail.com

Date: 9/30/2003

Time: 7:14:09 AM

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I investigated PNH and it certainly doesnt look like it could make things any better. I was still feeling like it was great that his retics were up and great that we were moving on to something that might work….now I am just having a little down swing. First, I remember reading and am too tired to look too much more that when you receive ATG you are put into isolation. That is going to be horrible for my husband(not that its not horrible for everyone). When he was first in the hospital, I brought our three kids (15, 8 and 7 yrs old) to see him every day and that helped him a lot. Our fourth is away at college which has been difficult too. Then I read about spontaneous bleeding when you get to 5000 platelets..Thats pretty scary. Also, the blood clot thing if he does have PNH….AND I told him the most devastating news last night about our finances…I wont get into details but all I can say is now he is feeling like he is not providing for us and let us down. In reality we will get through this all financially, but now he is worrying about that too.I just can not seem to make him believe it will all be o.k….I hope its just the shock of it all and not some bad gut feeling he has that he wont admit to me.I will make myself snap out of this mode our of necessity..Anyone out there with some great results from ATG?? I know there are some bad stories, too. One day at a time.

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