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Re: 18 month old toddler diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia

From: Mary Jane

Date: 9/30/2003

Time: 12:52:25 AM

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Thank you so very much for responding. I know that it is very important to have a support group and I so appreciate your insight and input into my request for information. Unfortunatly, he has no brothers or sisters. However, we live in California and he has been taken to a UC hospital with some of the very best medical care. He has had several blood transfusions, infact one today. His counts are beginning to come up; however, the white blood cell count is still very low. The parents choose not to do the experimental therapy at this time. Your suggestions on food and toys are greatly appreciated, as we all know how careful everyone must be with him. I agree, with the limitation of visitors too. Also, your suggestion of donating blood is one that I had not thought of…so thank you. It is an overwhelming situation for them and it tugs at my heart to see what they are experiencing and yet I have been very proud of my staff for trying to find so many ways to help and learn to understand more about Aplastic Anemia. This particular site has offered a wealth of information…just as you have been.
I don’t know much about you, but do recognize and appreciate when someone cares enough to take a few minutes of their time to offer support.
It is much appreciated, Marla.
Mary Jane

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