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Re: Procrit/Aranesp

Forum is Busted

From: Bruce
Date: 18 Apr 2004
Time: 00:40:37 -0400
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The Forum is really messed up and I have not been able to fix it or even launch a new one. Had hoped to work on it this weekend but was very busy. Possibly tomorrow. – Think I''l ask for a raise.

From: Marla
Date: 09 Apr 2004
Time: 20:08:05 -0400
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Hi Paige:
I believe the difference with the GCSF and EPO is the location of origin. EPO originates from the kidneys, while GCSF originates from the bone marrow. The condition of AA appears to be a problem with the bone marrow (not the kidneys), so GCSF is not adequately produced. Since AA patients generally don't have problems with their kidneys, the kidneys usually produce the normal or expected amounts of EPO. And frequently even with enough EPO circulating in the system, the marrow is not able to respond cuz that's where our problem lies–marrow production to which GCSF is part.
I do think it's likely more complicated than that since the spleen is also likely involved there somewhere, but I think the origins/the location of production is a key factor in the difference.
Take care,

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