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New twist????

From: LauraJaros@hotmail.com

Date: 9/29/2003

Time: 6:36:59 PM

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We had an interesting Dr. visit today. Larrys counts are all down except red which is at 6.9. White is at 2.5. His platelets dropped to 7000 and Neutrophils to 12,000. The Dr. was very excited that his reticulytes (sp?) were up at 4.2. He said if that number was down too he would be much more concerned. He is running a blood test for PNH and Hams??? He is testing for something called Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemaglobin Uria. He said this is what could possibly be causing the Aplastic Anemia. I talked to Larrys Medical Case Manager and she looked it up since I did not have access to my computer at the time. It sounds like the two go hand in hand and treatment is the same..ATG. The dr. is going to consult with some colleagues at Rush in Chicago to decide what is the best course of treatment. He said it will probably be ATG. He is waiting to get the results from the blood test too. He wont just switch from Prednisone to the ATG, would he??I know that you have to be weaned off of Prednisone so was not sure how that would come into play. I will check the Archives to see whats out there on ATG, I think there was quite a bit. I will keep you all updated. Thanks for everything so far. You are all making a big difference to me…Laura

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