Re: Phlebotomy time!

From: Marla

Date: 8/14/2004

Time: 2:51:21 AM

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Hi Marlene! That’s so fantastic about John! Woo hoo! I’m sure you are both sooo relieved! Congratulations!

As far as phlebotomies, I’m currently still doing it to reduce the iron overload. I also started out small at 200mL at first then worked up to the 500mL each month. I have listed on my website how much was taken at each phleb. My suggestion is the usual–make sure John has a good meal before he goes, and take something to drink during the phleb. I take lemon water, and it has worked out fine so far. If you can, I suggest using the vacuum bottles instead of the gravity bags. If you use the vacuum bottles make sure that they don’t use anything larger than a 19 gauge needle because anything larger with a vacuum bottle could cause his vein to collapse. I don’t know how long it takes my body to make the blood back up. What I do know is that normal people who "donate" red blood are only supposed to do it every 60 days or two months to allow adequate blood recovery. But, I go in every month or every 4 weeks and my Hgb has already recovered by that time (possibly because of all the extra iron. People with hereditary hemochromatosis can make the hgb back up in a matter of a few days!) For an example, my Hgb on 7-8-04 was 14.1, then they removed 500mL and then on 8-4-04 my Hgb was 14.9. Personally, even if I could do phlebs every 2 weeks, I don’t think I’d want to. One reason is that I’ve read that people with PVC tend to get scar tissue in their marrow with the frequent phlebotomies. I don’t know if that happens to them because of their disease condition, but I don’t want to chance that since I don’t understand why that happens with frequent phlebotomies for them. For those PVCers, that scar tissue eventually causes them to be unable to make enough blood cells and then they end up chronically anemic. That stage is considered the "spent" stage. Yikes!

Well, I think that’s about it. I hope I’ll be done with it soon because my latest ferritin test was 363, and I’ve had about 3 phlebs since then. Congratulations again!

Toodles and noodles!