Phlebotomy time!

From: Marlene

Date: 8/12/2004

Time: 2:37:43 PM

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Well I never thought this day would come but John is at a point where he’s gonna stop the desferal and start phlebotomies to get rid of the iron. He’s going to do two more weeks on Desferal and then in mid September have 250 cc of blood removed. His HBG was up to 11.2 on Monday and he’s been transfusion free now for 4 months.

So does anyone have any advice or things to watch for when doing this procedure? Also, how long did it take to make up the what they pulled off? Ultimately, his doc wants him to do 400-500 cc one a month and if he tolerates that push to twice a month. But at first, we’re gonna be conservative.