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Response for Laura

Re: Bee Sting Therapy

From: Bufo

Date: 8/8/2004

Time: 10:17:36 AM

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I am currently doing an assignment in S. Korea, and one of my Korean colleagues often carries a box of bees. If he or anyone in his family gets sick with the flu or a common cold, he induces one of the bees to sting the afflicted person by warming up a part of that person’s body, then allowing the bee access to that warmed part.

He claims that it works, but I am rather skeptical. May be a placibo effect.

From: Marla

Date: 9/26/2003

Time: 11:57:32 PM

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Hi Laura:

I think Marlene gave you some pretty good advice. I’ve also read that cranberries/cranberry juice is good for urinary tract/bladder infections. Drink lots of clear liquids and stay away from sugars. Low platelets can cause you to have blood in the urine, too. That happened to me when I first got diagnosed and was in the hospital with 1K platelets. They gave me a platelet transfusion, and the bleeding stopped that same night. But, I don’t recall that there was any burning sensation. The burning sensation does sound like a urinary tract/bladder infection. Another possible symptom of a urinary tract infection is the feeling that you need to urinate, but not much urine comes out when you try. If that is what your husband has, you might want to keep your eye out for a couple other things, too, because urinary tract infections and bladder infections are more common among females than males because we have shorter urethras. For men, bacteria can reach the bladder from an infected prostate gland. Also, diabetes can increase risk of bladder infection, so you might want to keep on eye on his blood sugar. I’d suggest especially staying away from diet sodas. (My mother-in-law used to get frequent bladder infections when she drank lots of diet sodas).

Okay, take care!


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