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Response for Laura

From: schmidt5@erols.com

Date: 9/26/2003

Time: 3:41:45 PM

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Just a couple of questions for you. Has your husband had a bone marrow biopsy and do you know how much bone marrow is remaining? And can you clarify if the red count is the RBC or hemagloblin. If it’s hemaglobin, he would probably feel a lot better if he got a red cell trasfusion. I think someone already suggested that. My husbands hbg transfusion goal is 8.3. When he reaches that level, his doc sets up the appointment and within one to three days he’ll get the red cells…It all depends on the schedule of the transfusion clinic. Platelets are easier to schedule. They can usually take him the same day.

On the urine….if he has burning, it’s possible he has a bladder infection and I’m not sure how getting platelets will help. My husband had major bladder complications from the cytoxan which included a long running viral infection and major bleeding. Even when his platelet were bumped up to 90K, it had no impact on the bleeding. His bladder had to heal. I would seriously try cranberry juice and blueberry juice. Components of these juices reduce the bacteria’s ability to adhere to the lining of the bladder and urethra. In order for the bacteria to infect, it must first adhere to the mucosal lining. So if you interfere with it’s ability to do that, the infection cannot thrive and allows the body to fight the infection.

I would get unsweetened cranberry juice and mix it with apple or grape juice to sweeten it…not sugar. You can also get cranberry extracts. My husband’s bladder problems finally resolved after he consumed lots of cranberries. It was the right season and I made jams, chutneys and tarts from fresh cranberries. I used raw honey to sweeten them. It was not our intent at the time to use the cranberries for healing…we just like them. But the outcome was a welcomed relief. After his bladder stopped bleeding, I made the connection with the cranberries and looked into their healing properties.

Good luck and let us know what the doc says about bladder.


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